PRP Treatment For Hair Fall

PRP Treatment Specialist Hyderabad

PRP Treatment For Hair Fall

PRP is platelet-rich plasma isolated from the patient’s own blood. It is rich in growth factors and hence used for various clinical applications. It is a good complimentary treatment in treating hair loss along with first-line treatments. The PRP growth factors accelerate the healing process while providing extra support and nutrition to the hair follicles.

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What is the procedure?

The patient’s own blood is taken and centrifuged following set parameters under sterile conditions. PRP is then extracted and injected into the hair loss areas of concern following aseptic technique.

How long it takes?

It is 45 minutes to the 1-hour procedure.

What to expect?

After the first PRP treatment, there will be a thickening of the existing hair follicles after around two to three weeks. With subsequent treatment sessions as advised by the doctor, new growth can be expected along with improved strength.

Is it safe?

It is a safe procedure for no chemicals are used and the treatment uses patients’ own blood to prepare the PRP.

At Enchant Medical Aesthetics, you get the best-individualized care and recommendations to suit your concern. Not everyone would need the same number of sessions like “Not one size fits for all”. For example, there are many advances in PRP treatment employing kits and growth factors. Doctors at Enchant Medical Aesthetics evaluate during the consultation and design a treatment plan accordingly.

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