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PRP For Hair fall Success Rate- Say No To Hair Fall

This method is based on the fact that the growth factors accelerate healing, in addition to providing support and adequate nutrition. At EMC clinic Hyderabad, patients are cured with affordable PRP treatment for hairfall

There have been a lot many advances and developments in the past two decades in the name of globalization. Even during these modern times, most people attach significance to hair attributing it to play a major role in their first impression. But has your hair started to shed a lot lately? It is not uncommon. Due to the increased pollution and a busy lifestyle, we don’t get any spare time to look after and groom ourselves to the best. We are happy to introduce a proven solution to your problem i.e PRP for Hairfall Treatment to cure hair loss

Platelet-rich plasma therapy or PRP therapy has gained quite popularity in India recently. It is a medical treatment that uses three steps to prevent and stop hair fall. A blood sample is taken from the person. It is then processed and injected into the scalp for medication.

It’s natural if you feel a bit alarmed about this procedure but be assured you are in our best hands. You will learn more about this treatment as you scroll down.

PRP hairfall treatment Success Rate in 2021?

Well, according to recent studies, it showed that a group of people who used PRP injections for six months had a better result than those who used other hair treatments. However, its success rate majorly depends on the platelet count in the patient’s body.

Many people experience serious hairfall after PRP treatment. It is a good sign in the long run. The reason is that the existing hair on your scalp is introduced to a new environment all of a sudden. It is unable to cope and hence shed away. But the hair that follows next has a richer texture and thicker. Moreover, it speeds up the process of hair growth.

Are there some potential side effects to PRP treatment for hairfall?

People undergoing PRP for hairfall may experience certain side effects. It can be a headache or pain at the site of injection along with slight bleeding. There may also be a modest swelling with itchiness. Your scalp may feel tender with increased sensitivity. These symptoms will settle in 24 – 36 hours after the procedure. But, you must consult your doctor if there is an excess of the above symptoms.

Can PRP work for frontal hair loss?

It can effectively enhance the hair quality but it is not an alternative to a hair transplant. The two are quite different. However, it can be used to prevent early baldness to some extent. Be advised that this treatment is not to cure baldness but to intensify the quality of the hair on your scalp in combination with other treatments. The frontal hair loss may be due to several reasons. It is best to consult a doctor before coming to any conclusions.

For how long does PRP Treatment for hairfall work?

According to some earlier reports, it has been seen that PRP treatment enhances the quality of the hair for about six weeks (give or take a week). One needs to repeat the treatment every six or twelve months. Moreover, it is not a time-consuming procedure. It only takes about forty-five minutes to one hour to complete the procedure. It’s not that you have to spend a whole day in bed after the procedure. Therefore it ensures easy administration.

How safe is it to try PRP for hairfall treatment?

It is completely safe to undergo hairfall Treatment. There are no chemicals involved in this treatment with very little chance to have any side effects. The PRP which is used in the treatment is prepared from the patient’s blood itself.

Whom To Consult?

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