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Is PRP the Best Solution for Hair Fall?

Are you still wondering or confused about the best hair care treatment? Here we are glad to let you know that PRP is the best solution. For PRP hair treatment in Hyderabad, you can consult with your nearby best trichologist (Hair Care Doctor) or you can visit in Telangana for getting an appointment with Dr.Subhashini Jayam practicing at Enchant Medical Cosmetology Clinic Near Srinagar Colony, Banjara Hills. Patients are free to call to know more about the PRP hair Treatment Cost, Procedures, and Precautions before and after PRP.

PRP or Platelets-Rich-Plasma Therapy is used to rejuvenate the hair roots and make them nutrients-rich to grow new hair roots. So, no doubt prp treatment for hair is the best solution for hair fall.

Why Do Hair Care Doctors Usually Recommend For PRP?

PRP Treatment for Hair care is better than using several other topical serums and medicines available. While these medications not only take longer to show visible results; while some may develop sensitivity forcing them to discontinue them before the maximum benefit is seen. Continued hair fall problem, if unaddressed for longer periods can lead to permanent damage to hair follicles. Here comes PRP hair Treatment this can act from the first month of treatment session for hair fall.

What’s The Cost of PRP Hair Treatment in Hyderabad?

PRP hair Treatment Cost in Hyderabad may vary. It depends on the area to be treated during the Hair PRP Treatment Procedures. Usually, PRP hair Treatment Cost comes under the range 25K to 35k including all three PRP Treatment Procedures. At Enchant Medical Cosmetic Clinic in Hyderabad, hair fall patients can get affordable hair PRP treatment with the best possible outcomes.

What’s the PRP Hair Treatment Success Rate In India?

Most of the hair Fall patients get the best results with PRP Hair treatment. However, it may take 3-4 months to complete the required sessions of hair PRP therapy. But it may be prolonged in some individuals depending on the area affected, duration of hair fall, and intensity of the problem.

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