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  • Dr Subhashini Jayam
  • MBBS, Masters in Clinical Dermatology (UK),
  • Fellow in Cutaneous and Laser surgery (Institute of Dermatology, Bangkok),
  • Obs in Dermatosurgery (National Skin Center – Singapore)
  • Consultant Medical Cosmetologist
  • Enchant Medical Aesthetics Hyderabad


Enchant Medical Aesthetics is a brainchild of Dr Subhashini Jayam. She is a passionate doctor and best cosmetologist in Hyderabad who emphasise the fact that body and mind are interrelated in health and sickness. According to her the health care system should transform from being a ‘ Sick care model ‘ to ‘ Health care model’ ; As the age old saying goes, “ Prevention is always better than cure”. We adopt a holistic approach at Enchant, while providing scientific and advanced medical cosmetology treatments as we believe the potential in everyone to look their best.

Dr Subhashini Jayam, best cosmetologist in Hyderabad,  is a visionary in her approach towards skin ageing. She believes that ageing is a dynamic process and insists on holistic care while addressing her clients’ needs. After MBBS, she completed Masters in Clinical Dermatology, UK. The post-graduation laid a foundation and provided an opportunity to observe the health practices in NHS, UK.

Dr Subhashini Jayam received extensive training in lasers and aesthetic medicine procedures from the premier skin institutes in India and abroad. She was a fellow at Mandalay skin clinic at National skin centre, Singapore under the guidance of Professor Chua Sze Hon. She also received Fellowship in Laser and cutaneous surgery from the Institute of Dermatology, Bangkok.

She is an experienced and one of the top comsetologists in hyderabad dealing with injectables, skin pigmentation, skin tightening, acne scars, laser hair reduction/removal, hair prp treatment, and anti-ageing medicine. Her practice is based on evidence-based medicine. She actively participates in workshops and conferences to keep herself abreast of the latest developments. Her observant nature triggered a thought to adopt a holistic approach in addressing the ageing process and various ailments.

Enchant is the brainchild of Dr Subhashini Jayam, a prominent and best cosmetologist in Hyderabad,  to deliver affordable medical aesthetics and advanced medical cosmetology treatments with a holistic approach.